The Piano Lesson Develops Intelligence

One of the features of learning to play the piano is the intense intellectual development of human’s capabilities, not only narrowly specialized (the musical ones), but the skills which we need in our everyday life.

In the research of intelligent features some common internals of the pianists of different ages were found:

    – analytical thinking

    – quick and easy mastery of the material

    – good coordination

Playing the piano with two hands simultaneously is an effective employment contributing to the development of both hemispheres of the brain thus making them work at the same time, and that is not typical of other human activities. Moreover, due to this, human’s creativity, flexibility and variability of thinking greatly develops.

We should also mention the pianist’s’ ability to play thinking ahead of the fingers without interrupting the rendition, which develops both holistic vision and forward thinking.

In addition, the development of fingers motility is very important in the development of a child’s speech.

Having been identified by scientists from different countries, all the above mentioned factors prove that playing the piano is being taught in all developed countries of the world to contribute to the intensive development of the intelligence in the same way as mathematics and other exact sciences.

To sum up, playing the piano not only contributes to the development of a person’s musical taste but also provides such necessary qualities as creativity, imagination, mental brain work, patience and perseverance.